Thibaut Courtois' wife Michel Gerzig's striking fashion statement at Versace event

Posted : 30 September 2023

Thibaut Courtois' newlywed wife made a striking appearance at a Versace event, leaving everyone curious about her attire and the story behind this bold fashion choice.

Around three months ago, Thibaut Courtois and Michel Gerzig celebrated their lavish and glamorous wedding. Since then, the Belgian goalkeeper underwent surgery for a torn cruciate ligament and is presently undergoing rehabilitation as he prepares for his eagerly anticipated return to the pitch in a few months. During this challenging time, he has the unwavering support and encouragement of his Israeli model wife, who has captivated the attention of nearly a million social media followers.

At the recent Versace event in Madrid, where the renowned fashion brand introduced its new fragrance, Gerzig, aged 26, made a bold fashion statement that left her 807,000 Instagram followers in awe. She arrived wearing an oversized blazer without a bra, accentuating her look with a stunning golden chest jewelry piece that had everyone mesmerized. Her close friend and stylist, Hadar Kadosh, also known as Holly Dora, shed light on the inspiration behind this unique ensemble. She revealed that Michelle had requested a "distinctive, mature, and one-of-a-kind look," and she executed it flawlessly, adhering to Michelle's instructions.

In an informative post, Dora provided intricate details about Michelle's unconventional attire. She explained, "Misholi tagged me with a daring concept we created but hadn't yet had the opportunity to showcase – a look that exudes uniqueness. It all began with the chest necklace that Misholi had ordered, and our aim was to ensure that it wouldn't appear too overwhelming while allowing her to stand out."

Dora shared an intriguing tidbit about Michelle's outfit, disclosing, "The blazer, it was borrowed from Thibault's wardrobe. It was a slightly oversized blazer, giving it a distinct and stylish appearance, so I asked for a size 56 blazer." The result was truly remarkable, with Michelle undeniably stealing the spotlight with her unconventional and captivating choice of attire.


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