Thibaut Courtois and Michelle Gerzig wedding! A shush one!

Posted : 27 June 2023

In a glamorous affair held at sunset in Cannes, the enchanting couple of Thibaut Courtois and Michelle Gerzig entered into the bond of marriage, shrouded in utmost secrecy and heightened security.
Let's embark on the journey starting with the arrival at the venue. The exact location remained a well-guarded secret, divulged only to the privileged guests to ensure uninvited individuals wouldn't disrupt the celebration. The venue itself, an opulent and expansive mansion, permitted entry only to those who had prearranged shuttle transportation. Independent arrivals, as seen during yesterday's ceremony, were not allowed.
The aura of secrecy and intrigue persisted as the production team informed all the invitees in advance: phones were strictly off-limits during the wedding night. Upon arrival, guests were required to surrender their phones at the entrance. Photography and uploads were strictly forbidden throughout the evening.
However, guests were granted temporary phone usage during the buffet, and a brief moment before the couple's arrival, enabling them to capture precious memories.

Exclusive rights to the photos of the couple were sold to a Spanish magazine. Officiating the union was none other than Guy Zuaretz, who managed to attend the wedding amidst his busy schedule of filming and participation in Big Brother, accompanied by his wife Yael Bar Zohar.
Following yesterday's trend, a representative from the Premier League graced the occasion once again. Elinav Barda, the coach of Hapoel Be'er Sheva, along with his wife Adva, added to the elegance of the evening, adorned in designer Shir Ohayon's exquisite attire.

Adva joyfully shared her experience, describing the wedding as stunning and filled with happiness. According to Adva, Thibaut Courtois himself expressed, "Israelis love to celebrate!" and the event truly lived up to that sentiment, captivating all with its excitement and grandeur.


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