Stefanos Tsitsipas says what it feels like to be in relationship with Paula Badosa

Posted : 20 June 2023

Stefanos Tsitsipas, currently ranked fifth in the world, has revealed details about his relationship with fellow tennis player Paula Badosa. Tsitsipas referred to Badosa as his "soulmate" and expressed a strong interest in her mind above all else.
The couple's relationship became public during the French Open when Badosa was seen supporting Tsitsipas from the stands. They have since shared affectionate messages on social media, updated their Spotify profiles with joint selfies, and even created a joint Instagram account called 'Tsitsidosa'.
Tsitsipas expressed his happiness and contentment with the relationship, emphasizing that he has never experienced such a connection before.

He feels fortunate to be in a partnership where there is not only physical attraction but also a deep understanding and connection on a mental level.
Tsitsipas appreciates the fact that they share the same identity, lifestyle, desires, passions, and ambitions.

He considers it a rare and wonderful experience to be able to fall in love with Badosa's mind and have someone who truly understands him.
Despite the excitement surrounding his personal life, Tsitsipas remains focused on his professional career.

Currently preparing for Wimbledon, he recently won his opening match in Halle against Gregoire Barrere after coming back from a set and a break down.

Tsitsipas aims to continue his success on the tennis court while cherishing the special bond he shares with Badosa.


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