Shakira's relationship with Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler revealed!

Posted : 15 July 2023

Shakira's new romantic relationship with Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler, who is 13 years younger than her, has taken the gossip columns by storm in the United States. Despite trying to keep their relationship private, their frequent dates and encounters have been leaked to the media, with the couple seen together at a London restaurant.
Shakira recently went through a divorce from Gerard Piqué, with whom she had a highly publicized split last June. Piqué is now in a relationship with a 24-year-old woman, sparking a telenovela-like dispute between the ex-couple.

Now, Shakira seems to have found happiness with Butler, and age is not an issue for her, as the age gap doesn't bother her in the least.
The couple met only a short time ago but immediately started following each other on social media. Shakira has been seen cheering on Miami Heat games, further fueling rumors about her relationship with Butler. Some are even speculating if Shakira's presence may have inspired Butler's impressive playoff run that led the Heat to the NBA Finals.
The news of Shakira's relationship with Butler has received enthusiastic responses, with many people, including ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith and other celebrities, expressing their support and excitement about the new couple.


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