Sergio Aguero's breakup reveals cheating scandal: Relationship with model Sofia Calzetti ends amid controversy

Posted : 08 September 2023

Last month, Sergio 'Con' Aguero ended his four-year relationship with model Sofia Calzetti. Initial reports suggested the breakup was mutual, but now the true reason behind their separation has come to light. The Daily Star reported that the retired footballer's wife was caught cheating on the Argentine star.

A viral video on social media captured Calzetti kissing another man, and this revelation is believed to be the cause of Aguero's heartbreak and subsequent decision to end the relationship.

Despite their separation, Aguero posted a message expressing his continued love for Sofia. This sentiment aligns with the story that she cheated on him, leaving him shocked and abandoning their plans for a future together, including marriage and children, in favor of going their separate ways.

Sofia addressed the video in an interview with journalist Angel de Brito, stating, "I went out with friends to dance, and we had a great time; there was nothing more than that—certainly not a kiss." It appears that their relationship had already deteriorated long before this incident, as their last joint public appearance was in December, when they were photographed with Sergio's son, Benjamín, who is also the grandson of the legendary Diego Maradona. While Sofia had been by Aguero's side during his retirement announcement, it's unfortunate to see their once-photogenic relationship come to an end.


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