Security concerns keep Lionel Messi away from sister-in-law's wedding in Rosario

Posted : 31 December 2023

Carla Roccoso's wedding in Rosario, Argentina, became a highly anticipated event, especially due to her famous brother-in-law, Lionel Messi. However, Messi's absence at the church ceremony left many curious onlookers disappointed.

The significant security measures surrounding the venue hinted at the presence of a high-profile figure, intensifying the excitement among the gathered crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of the football icon.

The security deployment created an atmosphere of anticipation, and as crowds gathered around the fences, speculation grew about the possibility of seeing Messi. However, the football star, prioritizing safety, decided not to attend the church ceremony.

Instead, Antonella, Messi's wife, arrived with their three sons, disembarking from a luxury car, leaving fans to witness a memorable family moment. Although Messi missed the church ceremony, he later joined the celebration, ensuring his presence at the joyous occasion.

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The decision to prioritize security reflected the challenges of being in Messi's shoes, where even family events require careful consideration and planning to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Despite his absence from the initial ceremony, Messi's later participation added a touch of excitement to the celebration, marking the union of Carla Roccoso and her beloved amidst the spotlight of Messi's global fanbase.


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