Love scores on and off the field: Ruben Dias, Arabella Chi confirm romantic relationship

Posted : 06 January 2024

After successfully evading the media for an extended period, paparazzi photographers finally caught snapshots of the unmistakable couple at the airport. Liron Sharon provides comprehensive details about the new footballer's wife making waves in Europe, and her name is Maria Guardiola.

Love Island reality star Arabella Chi has captured the heart of the 26-year-old Portuguese defender, Ruben Dias, who is currently part of the European champions. Linked since September, recent photos taken at Manchester airport after their New Year's Eve holiday confirm their romantic relationship, with the footballer attempting to discreetly hide beneath a black hoodie and hat.

Arabella Chi (S5) Spotted with Man City's Ruben Dias : r/LoveIslandTV 

Despite initial attempts to keep their relationship discreet, identical photos from Paris and Florence on Dias' Instagram account (with 3.5 million followers) and Chi's account (with over a million followers) hinted at their romantic escapades as early as November.

The couple's efforts to maintain a low profile were momentarily foiled by British paparazzi capturing images of them looking joyful and content upon their return from a holiday. Additionally, Chi's participation in a lively evening in London alongside Guardiola's daughter and Erling Haaland's girlfriend further cemented her status as the new footballer's wife, enhancing her reputation as one of the hottest models in the kingdom.

The love story between Ruben Dias and Arabella Chi, marked by their enchanting moments and subtle attempts to keep their romance private, has now emerged into the public spotlight, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of the footballer and his glamorous partner.


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