Paige Spiranac's workout video reveals white underwear, sparking debate

Posted : 03 July 2023

Paige Spiranac, the professional golfer known for her social media presence and often referred to as "The Sexy Golfer," has once again made headlines. This time, it appears that she accidentally revealed more than intended during a workout video.
In the video, Spiranac can be seen wearing a white mini-skirt as part of her workout attire. When she bent down, it left little to the imagination, revealing a white garment underneath her skirt. This sparked a debate among her 3.8 million followers on social media, with some questioning whether it was underwear, shorts, or pants that were too short.
One user went as far as claiming that wearing such a short skirt should be illegal, while another expressed their opinion that such shorts should not be worn underneath workout attire. When a user suggested that she wasn't wearing any pants, Spiranac responded by clarifying that she indeed wore pants, specifically shorts.
On a separate occasion, Spiranac was asked about her absence from an annual celebrity golf tournament. She humorously replied, stating that she wasn't invited and jokingly added that her four million followers apparently weren't enough to secure an invitation.

Despite her disappointment, she expressed her well wishes for those attending the event, hoping they would enjoy themselves.


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