Neymar's lifestyle choices stir controversy again as wife approaches due date

Posted : 25 September 2023

Once again, Neymar finds himself in a troublesome situation, showing a pattern of repeated missteps. Despite his move to Saudi Arabia, the former Barcelona and PSG player seems unchanged in his lifestyle, causing yet another controversy.

Reports from Brazil indicate that Neymar attended a party in Barcelona while his wife, Bruna Biancardi, is eight months pregnant. At the party, he was seen in close proximity to two other women. In the Brazilian media, there have been discussions about an open relationship between Neymar and Bruna, which might mitigate the scandal to some extent.

At the beginning of their relationship, Bruna established three conditions for Neymar regarding their interactions with other people. He could socialize with other women as long as he did so discreetly, kissing on the mouth was off-limits, and he had to use protection if he engaged in sexual activities. The recent incident, which lacked discretion, could potentially spark a new crisis between them.


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