Neymar faces another scandal in Brazil, with influencer Sofia Barclay accusing him

Posted : 01 August 2023

Neymar, the Brazilian football star, finds himself embroiled in another off-field scandal in Brazil. The drama involves a local influencer, Sofia Barclay, who claims she was invited to a party at Neymar's home during the coronavirus lockdowns. According to her, she witnessed Neymar engaging in sexual activity with Brazilian surfer Pedro Scobie.
Sofia, who has a substantial following on Instagram, asserts that she and her friend were not mere spectators but actively participated in the party. However, she had no evidence of the encounter as security guards confiscated everyone's phones to prevent any photographs or videos from being taken.

Neymar allegedly tried to keep the party a secret and even asked attendees to sign confidentiality agreements, which Sofia refused to do, prompting her to share her experience.
The revelation created a stir in Brazil, with a local radio station removing the content from its platforms due to potential legal concerns. Doubts were raised about the credibility of Sofia's claims, leading to speculation about possible prosecution.
Sofia faced backlash and received threats from Neymar's fans, but she stood her ground and defended herself, stating that she only takes care of herself and is tired of not being respected.
It's worth noting that Pedro Scooby, the surfer involved in the scandal, is a well-known figure in Brazil and the surfing community. He has a significant following on Instagram and is currently married with children from both his current and former wife.


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