Model Paola Saulino claims high rate of infidelity among Premier League players

Posted : 10 February 2024

In the wake of the Kyle Walker scandal, model Paola Saulino has stirred controversy by asserting that infidelity is prevalent among Premier League players, claiming that "98% of Premier League players cheat on their women." Walker, a Manchester City player, recently admitted to cheating on his wife with a reality TV star, sparking public criticism.

Saulino, who has been romantically involved with three Premier League players, revealed that they were either married or engaged at the time of their encounters. Despite the uproar surrounding Walker's case, Saulino expressed empathy for the player, defending infidelity as a natural aspect of life.

Italian model claims only two percent of Premier League players are  faithful, reveal she has slept with three top stars - Pulse Sports Nigeria
In a candid interview with the Daily Star, Saulino not only disclosed her past relationships with footballers but also shared her perspective on infidelity.

The Italian model defended Walker's actions, stating, "I'm not surprised by what Kyle did, I really believe that betrayal is a natural thing in life. What's wrong with that?" She went on to challenge the negative perception of infidelity, arguing that having diverse desires in life is normal and should be equally applicable to romantic relationships.

Saulino's revelation sheds light on what she perceives as a broader trend within English football. The Kyle Walker incident has ignited discussions about the personal lives of Premier League players, with Saulino's comments sparking further debate on the acceptance and understanding of infidelity within the context of high-profile relationships.

As the controversy unfolds, it prompts reflection on societal attitudes toward the private affairs of public figures, especially those in the limelight of professional football.


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