Model and 'Unlife' Star Whitney Jones diversifies into nude online workouts, attracts a surge of followers and income

Posted : 17 September 2023

Model and "Unlife" star, Whitney Jones, has ventured into an unexpected sports field while creatively enhancing her financial portfolio. The 32-year-old American celebrity has harnessed her stunning physique by offering fully nude online workouts through Unlife.

This surprising move has garnered attention and, as reported by The Sun, Whitney, who has been a fitness model and "Unlife" star for years, has recently entered the world of boxing.

Whitney has teamed up with a boxer who greatly admires her and her viral fights, which have gained significant attention thanks to her exceptional genetics. She shared a video on her Instagram account, followed by millions, in which she provides tips for achieving the perfect buttocks and thigh workout.

She even mentions that the uncensored version is available on her Unlippans account. On this platform, she conducts the same workout without a top, and the results have been remarkable.

Within just one week of posting, over half a million new users have flocked to the Bold American's Unlippans account. This surge in followers holds significant economic value for Whitney, contributing substantially to her income.

Achieving her impeccable figure has been the result of dedicated efforts in the gym, including weightlifting, strength training, and of course, a balanced and proper diet.


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