Miles Bridges, convicted of beating wife in front of children, returns to the world's best league, making millions

Posted : 07 July 2023

Charlotte Hornets re-signed Miles Bridges to a one-year contract worth $7.9 million. Despite being the team's leading scorer in 2022, Bridges' absence from the league last year influenced the relatively low contract. However, this deal provides an opportunity for Bridges to showcase his scoring ability and potentially earn a new contract as a free agent at the end of the season, either with Charlotte or another team.
Bridges faced suspension in 2022 following a domestic violence incident in which he assaulted his wife, resulting in visible marks on her face. The court handed him a suspended sentence of three years, and the NBA imposed a 30-game suspension without any conditions. The league also retroactively applied the suspension to the final 20 games of the previous season. Consequently, Bridges will miss ten games next season and receive a significant salary despite the suspension.
The severity of Bridges' punishment for domestic violence has sparked discussions about the NBA's role in addressing such issues and the message it sends to athletes and the public. The documentation and evidence of the incident shared by Bridges' wife on Instagram shocked many and brought attention to the need for stronger actions against domestic violence.
As Bridges returns to the Hornets, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity and is determined to make an impact on the court. The test contract allows Bridges to veto any trade during the season, giving him more control over his future. With a steadily rising career trajectory, Bridges has the potential to excel and attract interest from other teams in the league.


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