Mauro Icardi: The secret lover; another looming trouble for the PSG striker

Posted : 16 May 2023

Candela Lecce says what transpired during her interaction with Icardi: "He told me not to take out the phone."

Mauro Icardi is once more in trouble waters as Wanda and the Galatasaray striker have already had their ups and downs, so the most recent reports in Argentina won't help the misbehaving offensive player on loan from Paris Saint-Germain.

Rumors state that the striker travelled to Argentina to see Candela Lecce, with whom he allegedly had an Instagram conversation for a time:

"He rang me and said he wanted to talk, two days later I got another message from him saying he would look for me, I thought it was a joke."
Lecce claims Icardi told her:

 "You won't be able to take out your phone, I don't want there to be evidence of that because I'm taking a big risk. I told Wanda I was flying to Buenos Aires and I didn't say with whom."

The Argentine asserted that she had a snapshot of her encounter with Icardi and was able to record it.


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