Madeleine Wright's remarkable comeback: From controversies to scoring in FA Cup

Posted : 18 September 2023

Madeleine Wright, known for past controversies and her presence on OnlyFans, has made headlines for her performance on the soccer field.

She gained notoriety when she was released from her former team, Charlton, due to a scandal involving a photo of her driving with a bottle of champagne, a incident that many believed would end her career.

Since then, she has successfully established a growing presence on OnlyFans and achieved off-field success. However, her passion for the game remained strong, leading her to recently rejoin Leyton Orient.

The long-awaited moment arrived on Sunday when Wright scored her first goal in Leyton Orient's 4-2 victory in the FA Cup.

The excitement surrounding this achievement was evident as the tweet featuring her on the women's team's Twitter page received approximately 14,300 likes.

This remarkable response stood out considering that the average likes for a regular tweet on the page typically range from 4 to a few hundred.


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