Lionel Messi shows gratitude to Selena Gomez with charitable gesture

Posted : 02 October 2023

Lionel Messi conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to singer Selena Gomez for her unwavering support in recent weeks, which prompted him to make a generous donation to her charitable foundation. Gomez has consistently expressed her admiration for Messi, even making appearances at his Inter Miami matches. During one of Messi's goals, she was captured in the stands with a look of sheer amazement, her mouth agape, creating an iconic meme online.
Miami has witnessed Messi's meteoric rise as a football phenomenon, attracting a star-studded lineup of celebrities who flock to his every game. Conversely, when Messi is absent, Inter Miami's matches don't generate as much interest. On one occasion, Selena Gomez was spotted patiently waiting to have a conversation with him after a match.
Messi, ever gracious, decided to reciprocate Gomez's support by gifting her a personally signed jersey. The jersey will be auctioned with a starting price of $1,000, but it's expected to fetch a considerably higher sum. Furthermore, Messi is anticipated to attend the charity's gala event, ensuring a surge of interest and substantial fundraising efforts. This gesture underlines Messi's commitment to philanthropy and his appreciation for those who stand by him.


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