Leo Messi shows interest in US after caught shopping in Florida

Posted : 14 July 2023

Leo Messi, the renowned Argentine soccer star, has begun settling into his new life in the United States, and a recent video capturing him shopping at a supermarket in Florida has sparked interest among users online. The footage, which emerged on Thursday night, shows Messi making a trip to the local Publix supermarket, only two days after his arrival in Florida.
Following his move to Inter Miami, a team in the American Soccer League (MLS), Messi is entering a new phase of his career as he approaches retirement. Soccer enthusiasts couldn't help but be fascinated by the pictures, as they deviate from Messi's usual avoidance of public places.
In this instance, Messi seemed remarkably at ease while navigating the supermarket aisles, pushing a cart filled with various items. Speculation has already arisen online, questioning whether Messi was testing his anonymity and gauging his level of recognition in the United States, or if he was simply fulfilling a task assigned by his wife, Antonella, due to an empty refrigerator, as suggested by some commenters.


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