Jonathan Evans attempts reconciliation after mocking Wife Simone Biles on Podcast

Posted : 06 January 2024

Footballer Jonathan Evans found himself in hot water after mocking his wife, Olympic athlete Simone Biles, on a widely circulated podcast. Despite her global recognition, Evans claimed he was unaware of Biles' identity before their relationship, sparking intense backlash across the internet.

 His comment about men being the primary decision-makers in relationships only added fuel to the fire.

However, it appears Evans might be attempting to make amends for his ill-received remarks. Recently, Biles shared a post on her Instagram, thanking her husband for three large bouquets of flowers and lauding him as "the best."

Simone Biles Reveals Huge Flower Bouquets from Husband Jonathan Owens 

Despite the online uproar, she continued to share affectionate posts featuring their wedding photos, seemingly unfazed by the ongoing criticism. In response to the controversy, Biles succinctly addressed the situation with a single tweet: "Are you done yet?"

While the public discourse and criticism surrounding Evans' remarks persist, Biles' consistent praise and display of affection on social media signal a different narrative, one that seemingly seeks to move past the controversy.


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