Jennifer Lopez wears Elhamister, Rami Gershon’s wife’s swimsuit brand

Posted : 14 August 2023

A globally renowned singer recently strolled through Italy while sporting an Israeli swimsuit crafted by Neta Elkhmister, causing quite a stir.
Neta Elhamister, who is married to Rami Gershon, boasts a flourishing swimwear venture called Bananahut. Her designs have already become a staple for vacationers across Israel. However, her influence has now transcended local territories, marking a significant advancement.
One of Elkhmister's illustrious swimsuits made its way to none other than one of the world's most celebrated singers, Jennifer Lopez! It's hard to fathom, but indeed, J.Lo graced the streets of Italy alongside her entourage, including stylists, personal managers, and security personnel.
 All eyes were drawn to her ensemble, which featured an Israeli swimsuit meticulously crafted by Neta Elhamister. This occurrence stands as an exceptional achievement that's hard to overlook.


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