Gerard Piqué and Shakira's breakup persists, with children in Miami and father in Clara Chia

Posted : 19 July 2023

The highly publicized breakup between Gerard Piqué and Shakira continues to draw attention, and the situation surrounding their children remains unconventional.

Currently, the kids live with the renowned singer in Miami, while they also spend several days each month with their father, who is reportedly in a relationship with Clara Chia.
To safeguard the children from potentially transient figures in their lives, a formal agreement was established between Piqué and Shakira. It stipulated that Chia would not be involved with the children as long as the relationship remained informal.

However, Chia is known to the children as she works at Cosmos, a company owned by Piqué. Interestingly, some Latin American media outlets have humorously referred to her as "Daddy's employee" in connection to her role at Cosmos.
The situation surrounding the children's exposure to Clara Chia is complex, and opinions may vary on the matter.


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