From kiss scandal to swinging a player- Spanish football president Luis Rubiales faces criticism

Posted : 23 August 2023

Following the Women's World Cup final, Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish football association, is facing criticism for his behavior. New photos show him swinging a player over his shoulder after the final, adding to the controversy after the kissing incident involving him.
A former employee, Tamara Ramos, who worked under Rubiales when he led the Spanish players' association, has spoken out, revealing that she was humiliated by him a decade ago. Ramos described instances of daily humiliation and recalled an incident where he asked about the color of his underwear, which she found obsessive.
Rubiales has been under scrutiny for his actions. In a video after the final, he was seen hugging each player, but he aggressively kissed star player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth, leading to criticism and discomfort. Hermoso later confirmed that she didn't enjoy the incident. Rubiales issued an apology, admitting his mistake, but it was met with skepticism.
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also criticized Rubiales, deeming his apologies insufficient and inappropriate. The incidents have led to turmoil within Spanish football and increased scrutiny of Rubiales' behavior.


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