Former Inter star Mauro Icardi surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo's record in the luxury automobile market, buys a rare Rolls Royce

Posted : 07 September 2023

Mauro Icardi, the former Inter star who now shines in Turkey, has made a grand entrance into the world of luxury automobiles. He recently acquired a Rolls Royce model so exclusive that only three of them exist globally, with one belonging to the iconic Beyoncé. This acquisition not only showcases Icardi's success but also sets a new record, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo's previous feat.
Since leaving Inter, Icardi has taken a step back from the limelight. However, his professional career has been thriving, culminating in leading Galatasaray to last season's championship in an outstanding performance. His success is not just limited to the pitch; he's also enjoying significant financial prosperity in Turkey.
The Rolls Royce model that Icardi added to his collection is an exquisite rarity, with only three known in existence worldwide. This luxurious automobile comes with a jaw-dropping price tag of 26 million euros, making it the most expensive car globally.
Interestingly, the second owner of this unique model is the renowned rapper Jay-Z, along with his equally famous partner, Beyoncé. The third unit found its home with a successful businessman who made his fortune in the diamond industry.
This extraordinary vehicle was meticulously crafted over four years and comprises 1,813 individual parts. It boasts a formidable engine, producing nearly 600 horsepower, and is adorned in resplendent gold. The car even features remarkable amenities like a parasol and a retractable table at the back, perfect for impromptu picnics. It also boasts a small patch of green grass and two champagne refrigerators, adding a touch of extravagance to the experience.
It's worth noting that Icardi's acquisition eclipses Cristiano Ronaldo's previous record from two years ago when the Portuguese superstar owned a Bugatti valued at a mere 10 million euros. Ronaldo is renowned for his collection of high-end cars, but even he couldn't secure a vehicle of this caliber.


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