El País Spain investigation reveals Ursu9 mineral water, Christian Ronaldo’s brand, lacks antioxidants, false images

Posted : 09 July 2023

An investigation by El País in Spain has revealed that the Ursu9 mineral water brand, promoted by Cristiano Ronaldo, has made questionable claims about its health benefits. The brand's advertisements and promotional messages, which featured Ronaldo as their ambassador, have come under scrutiny.

The investigation found that the water has no antioxidants or proven health benefits, and the promotional video included false images. Additionally, the price of the water is double that of similar products.
Criticism of the brand's claims and promotional tactics has emerged recently. Cristiano Ronaldo was present at the marketing and presentation of the product, alongside his wife Georgina, who was seen drinking the water with him in public.

A popular dietitian-nutritionist, Aitor Sanchez Garcia, who had collaborated with the brand, apologized on Twitter for supporting the product and announced that he would donate the money earned from the collaboration.
The investigation revealed that Ursu9's claims of "benefits without scientific evidence" were disputed by dietitian-nutritionist Juan Ronga. The article in El País exposed the brand's misleading practices and highlighted that the water does not have any proven advantage.

Furthermore, the company's advertising campaign used images of a water spring that were unrelated to the brand, and the claim that nature protection officials recommend the water for bears was false.
The investigation has shed light on the misleading nature of the marketing and claims surrounding the Ursu9 mineral water brand, raising concerns about its credibility and the validity of its health-related assertions.


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