'Devil Baby' model, Orla Sloan pleads guilty to stalking and harassing Mason Mount, Billy Gilmour

Posted : 24 May 2023

Mason Mount, a star for Chelsea, and Billy Gilmour, a former teammate, were discovered to have been pursued by a model known as "Devil Baby."
A court has been informed that Orla Sloan, 21, inundated the Premier League footballers with an excessive number of calls, texts, and messages on different social media platforms.
Sloan, a model, social media influencer, and TikToker, has admitted guilt to a number of offences.
The most severe accusations were made against Gilmour, who was accused of stalking that involves considerable worry or distress or a fear of violence.
Additionally, she was accused of following England player Mount, and a third accusation of harassing Chelsea teammate Ben Chilwell was brought against her.
At a party in November 2020, when they were all playing for Chelsea, Sloan met all three players, according to prosecutor Jason Seetal, who testified in front of Westminster Magistrates Court.
At this moment, the alias "Devil Baby" gained notoriety as she was discovered to have told Mount: “Beware of devil baby Mason, I can morph in a second. You and Ben [Chilwell] will be destroyed”.
Sloan registered an Instagram account with the username "devilbaby 10" under this guise, where she called the Chelsea player a "criminal" and made an effort to get in touch with his friends and family. While making assertions regarding the sexuality of the full-backs, she shared collages of images of both Mount and Chilwell.
After the aforementioned home party, Gilmour was discovered to have made a brief text message contact with Sloan before attempting to break things up.
In spite of the fact that they supposedly were never romantically connected, the model began following him almost two years later, in the summer of 2022, and made up allegations that she had become pregnant with his kid.
Gilmour spoke in court about how these accusations prevented him from getting any sleep. The 21-year-old said that his playing performance for Brighton at the beginning of this season had been impacted by worries over the breakdown of his personal connections.
District Judge Neeta Minhas granted bail to Sloan and has set a June 20 sentencing hearing as the next step in the legal process.


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