Corinthians' Victor Cantillo caught in cheating scandal with DJ Monellini Suárez

Posted : 26 September 2023

A scandal in Brazil has caused a stir as Corinthians' Colombian midfielder, Victor Cantillo, was exposed for cheating on his wife, Geraldine. The revelation came through a video shared by Monellini Suárez, a well-known South American DJ with half a million followers.

In the video posted on her Instagram, Monellini was at Cantillo's home, where he was supposed to be taking care of his wife and children while they were on vacation. However, he hosted a small party in their absence.

The video captured a family photo of Cantillo with his wife and children in the background while Monellini wore only a small pink robe. She criticized Cantillo's choice to bring her to his home instead of a hotel and questioned his judgment.

As of now, Cantillo has not responded to the incident that has generated significant controversy. Meanwhile, Monellini Suárez continued with her normal activities, sharing videos of her performances in front of large crowds at events. The scandal has caused a significant social media uproar in Brazil.


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