Controversy surrounds arrest of Real Madrid youth players for sharing sexual video of minor

Posted : 15 September 2023

Spain is in the midst of a major controversy following the arrest of four young players from Real Madrid's second and third teams. These players are suspected of sharing a sexual video involving a minor girl without her consent. The legal implications of this act are grave, potentially resulting in lengthy prison sentences for the individuals involved.
Under Spanish law, the circumstances surrounding this case, including the victim's young age, her explicit disapproval, and the nature of the video, may lead to severe penalties. The expected sentence for those involved in filming the video against the girl's wishes is four years in prison, with an additional one-year sentence for those responsible for distributing the video.
This disturbing incident took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, situated in the Canary Islands, Spain. Local law enforcement has been actively investigating the case, with a focus on the unauthorized filming of the young woman and suspicions of the video being circulated among other individuals. While the identities of the suspects have not been disclosed, they are reportedly players from Real Madrid's Castilla, the second team, and the third team.
The police have confirmed the arrests, stating that "Four Real Madrid youth players have been arrested for allegedly sharing a sexual video involving a minor." Real Madrid, in response to the situation, released a statement acknowledging the players' cooperation with the Civil Guard's investigation. The club has also pledged to take appropriate actions once they have a clearer understanding of the case's details.


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