Brazilian volleyball star Kay Alves achieves childhood dream, becomes Playboy bunny

Posted : 02 January 2024

Brazilian volleyball sensation Kay Alves has achieved another milestone in her career by becoming a Playboy bunny. Known for her prowess on the volleyball court and her massive following on Unlippans and Instagram, with nearly 14 million followers, Alves has now joined the ranks of Playboy's iconic models.

The 23-year-old had previously made headlines by disclosing an intimate encounter with PSG's Neymar, revealing that the football star expressed interest in a threesome with her and her twin sister during a private suite rendezvous. Alves gained widespread recognition after her appearance on Big Brother Brazil in the previous season.

Key Alves: Não é só Only Fans. Jogadoras já brilharam de VIP a Playboy 

Despite her fame in the volleyball world, Alves expressed her excitement about fulfilling a childhood dream by joining Playboy. In a celebratory post for the magazine, she mentioned, "Growing up, working with Playboy seemed like a far-fetched dream to people from where I came from. It was always my dream job, I worked hard and got it. I have a huge work ethic, and 2024 will be my year." The announcement coincided with Alves revealing her decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery, adding another layer to her evolving public persona.

Key Alves assina contrato milionário com revista Playboy

With a flourishing career in both volleyball and as an adult content creator, Alves continues to navigate the intersections of sports, fame, and personal choices. Her journey reflects the evolving landscape of athletes embracing diverse opportunities beyond their primary sports careers.


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