Aryna Sabalenka mourns loss of former boyfriend Konstantin Koltsov

Posted : 21 March 2024

World number two Aryna Sabalenka expressed profound sorrow following the tragic passing of her former boyfriend, Konstantin Koltsov, a former ice hockey player who died at the age of 42 in Miami on Monday, with authorities describing it as an "apparent suicide." Despite their separation, Sabalenka, a two-time Grand Slam singles champion, conveyed her grief in a statement, describing the loss as an "unthinkable tragedy" in an Instagram post and urging respect for privacy during this trying time.

As Sabalenka prepares to compete in the Miami Open, her focus is inevitably shadowed by the weight of Koltsov's passing. Set to face Spain's Paula Badosa in the second round, Badosa, who considers Sabalenka a close friend, acknowledged the discomfort of the situation, expressing solidarity with Sabalenka and emphasizing the emotional challenge of competing under such circumstances.

The profound impact of Koltsov's death resonates beyond Sabalenka's personal sphere, as the former Belarusian Olympian and NHL player left a lasting legacy in the sporting world. Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding his passing, authorities have ruled out foul play, shedding light on the somber reality faced by Sabalenka and those close to Koltsov.

As Sabalenka and Badosa brace themselves for their upcoming match, the tennis court becomes a backdrop to their shared grief and resilience. While the competitive spirit endures, the profound loss underscores the strength of their bond, with Badosa affirming Sabalenka's resilience and hoping for a battle that transcends the game, offering solace amidst the turmoil.


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