Anna Lewandowski's wife considers MMA after KSW offers

Posted : 27 June 2023

Anna, the wife of Robert Lewandowski, has received an offer from a European organization to participate in MMA fighting. Anna, who has been instrumental in supporting her husband's career and overseeing his special menus and training, has a passion for sports herself.
Reports indicate that she is considering making her debut as an MMA fighter after being approached by KSW, one of Europe's prominent combat organizations. However, Anna acknowledges that she needs to discuss this opportunity with Lewandowski and obtain his approval.
Upon hearing the news, Lewandowski initially expressed some reservations. Nevertheless, Anna had a meeting with the owner of KSW, who suggested that she could embark on this new endeavor after approximately two years of preparation.
Anna disclosed that she wants to have a conversation with her husband about the offer, as she values his opinion. She even mentioned that if she were not married to Robert, she would have readily accepted the opportunity.
The Barcelona star's perspective on this matter is yet to be revealed, and it remains to be seen whether Anna will pursue a career as an MMA fighter.


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