Albot believes having a daughter makes tennis less significant, bringing immense joy

Posted : 02 August 2023

Radu Albot's life extends far beyond tennis as it now revolves around his three-year-old daughter, Adeline.
During Wimbledon, Albot's priorities were evident when his daughter ran onto the court to congratulate him after winning a match in qualifying. In an interview, Albot expressed that having a daughter like Adeline made winning or losing in tennis less significant. Playing with his child brought immense joy and helped him forget about everything else.
While Albot has achieved notable success in tennis, including winning his first ATP Tour title and reaching a career-high ranking, the most profound impact in recent years came with the birth of Adeline.
Fatherhood brought about a shift in responsibility and focus. Albot now plans his days around Adeline's routine, from waking her up in the morning to dropping her off at kindergarten.

She has become the center of his world, and he ensures that his time with her is cherished, especially when he returns from his travels, and she tells him how much she misses him.
Speaking with Adeline on the phone while away for work often leads to sentimental moments, as she wonders why her father is not at home with her.
Last year, Adeline and Albot's wife, Doina, accompanied him during his North American tennis swing. However, this year, they spent more time with him in Europe. Although Albot loves having Adeline by his side, he also acknowledges the importance of her development and social interactions at kindergarten with children her age.
Regardless of whether Adeline is traveling with him or at kindergarten, she remains in Albot's heart and thoughts. For him, family and their well-being take precedence over tennis results.
Winning matches is still important to Albot, but having a happy and healthy family matters even more. Tennis success pales in comparison to the joy and love he shares with his daughter.


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