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Snooker star Gary Wilson's Journey: Triumphs, setbacks, and mental health challenges

Posted : 19 April 2024

Gary Wilson's journey in snooker has been one marked by early promise, dashed hopes, and a continual battle with frustration. Despite being hailed as a prodigy from a young age and displaying remarkable talent, Wilson faced setbacks that led him to work as a taxi driver in his 20s. Even as he now stands among the best in the world, he struggles to find joy in the game he once excelled at. As the World Championship approaches, Ynet offers insights into the contenders and their predictions for the tournament.


Unlike in tennis where players may vent frustrations by breaking rackets, snooker players like Wilson typically refrain from such outbursts, cherishing their cues. However, Wilson has at times bucked this trend, notably during a match in 2022 when he angrily threw his cue to the floor, expressing frustration over his opponent's frequent breaks. This incident underscores the simmering frustration that has accompanied Wilson throughout his career.


Wilson's journey began with high expectations as a child prodigy in the north of England, where he displayed exceptional skill from a young age. However, despite early successes, including winning the under-21 world championship at 19, he struggled to maintain his position on the professional circuit. Financial difficulties led him to work as a taxi driver while he fought to regain his place in the snooker world, a journey marked by frustration and setbacks.


Despite his struggles, Wilson has experienced moments of success, including a remarkable run to the semi-finals of the 2019 World Championship. However, mental health challenges, including depression, have added to his burdens. Despite recent victories and a rise in the world rankings, Wilson continues to grapple with frustration and perfectionism, making his journey in the World Championship a test of resilience and mental fortitude.


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