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Rory McIlroy open to join LIV Golf if it emulates Cricket's IPL format

Posted : 04 January 2024

Rory McIlroy, previously vocal against LIV Golf, expressed openness to join the tournament if it reshaped into a golf equivalent of cricket's Indian Premier League (IPL), emphasizing a condensed calendar and engaging team dynamics. Despite his initial opposition to LIV, McIlroy signaled potential interest in an adapted format resembling the successful IPL model, providing it functioned within the existing golf structure.


The crux of McIlroy's proposition was transforming LIV into a golfing version of the IPL, suggesting a condensed, team-oriented tournament over a couple of months that would innovate the sport's traditional calendar. Drawing parallels to the IPL's impact on cricket, McIlroy highlighted the potential for LIV to evolve into a competitive, fresh, and distinct format within the golfing realm.


Previously firm in his stance against LIV Golf, McIlroy hinted at a shift in perspective, recognizing LIV's integration into the sport. While acknowledging the financial lure for players, notably citing Jon Rahm's staggering reported earnings, McIlroy questioned whether such significant investments could be better allocated to nurturing golf's grassroots through substantial contributions to organizations like the R&A or USGA.


Reflecting on his earlier criticism of players joining LIV Golf, McIlroy admitted a degree of regret for being judgmental initially. He reevaluated his stance, empathizing with players' diverse circumstances and motivations, recognizing their individual career paths and decisions.


Additionally, McIlroy elaborated on Rahm's strategic approach, acknowledging the Spaniard's forward-thinking perspective in aligning with LIV temporarily while anticipating a possible merger.


McIlroy advocated for unity within the sport, urging both LIV and PGA Tour players to prioritize the game's greater good by setting aside personal differences. He emphasized the potential benefits of reconciliation and collaboration, highlighting the significance of collective progress for the betterment of golf.


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