Ronnie O'Sullivan slams Ali Carter as 'not a nice person' and addresses allegations after Masters victory

Posted : 16 January 2024

Ronnie O'Sullivan responded strongly to criticisms from Ali Carter, labeling him "not a nice person" and a "nightmare" to play against after winning the Masters title. O'Sullivan, who secured a record eighth Masters victory, addressed Carter's accusations of unsportsmanlike behavior during their match, including alleged nose-clearing on the floor.


O'Sullivan urged Carter to seek counseling to address his issues and dismissed the criticism, emphasizing that he won't tiptoe around someone with such behavior. The seasoned snooker player highlighted the challenging experience of facing Carter on the table, emphasizing the negative vibes Carter brings to the game.


Carter, the beaten finalist, had accused O'Sullivan of inappropriate conduct, citing actions like "snotting" on the floor and expressing disdain for the alleged behavior. He criticized the lack of response from the crowd and labeled O'Sullivan's actions as "disgusting."


O'Sullivan, with a history of dominance over Carter in their head-to-head matches, acknowledged not speaking to Carter for two decades, stating that he won't tolerate being trashed-talked by someone with apparent issues.


O'Sullivan concluded by asserting that Carter is a "nightmare" to play against and is not a pleasant individual, emphasizing his dissatisfaction with the situation.


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