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Patrick Mahomes: The Underdog quarterback with Brady's magic eyes three Super Bowl rings

Posted : 11 February 2024

Patrick Mahomes Jr., the 28-year-old quarterback known for his Brady-esque magic and Jordanesque competitiveness, is set to play his fourth Super Bowl, aiming for a third ring with the Kansas City Chiefs.


Originally destined for baseball stardom, Mahomes' early prowess in the sport led to an unforgettable incident where his powerful throw broke a fellow player's glasses during practice. Despite being labeled an underdog, Mahomes has consistently defied expectations, showcasing his multifaceted sports background and unorthodox playing style.


In Mahomes' journey, echoes of an underdog persist. Despite his innate talent and charisma, he faced challenges in high school, initially not becoming the starting quarterback until midway through his third season.


 Even in college, he attended Texas Tech, ranked 22nd on the promise list, surprising everyone with an 80-yard pass. The skepticism continued when he was selected tenth overall in the 2017 NFL draft, with critics questioning his basics and labeling him reckless. However, Mahomes' unique approach, honed through diverse sports experiences, quickly turned him into a phenomenon.

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The quarterback's rise to prominence was marked by a season on the bench, observing veteran Alex Smith, before catapulting to stardom. As a mixed-race individual, Mahomes navigated both sides of public perception – facing racial stereotypes while embodying the American dream.


Despite the criticisms, Mahomes remains unfazed, currently holding a lucrative contract through 2031. His determination and competitive spirit, akin to Michael Jordan, have made him a divisive figure, adored by Chiefs fans and scorned by others, reminiscent of the polarizing legacy of Tom Brady.


Mahomes' relentless pursuit of excellence and aversion to mediocrity have fueled his success, with this season's challenges only intensifying his competitive edge. He emerged as a player who takes every game seriously, much like his childhood passion for table tennis. Tonight, as Mahomes enters the Super Bowl, he stands as a symbol of exceptional talent, tenacity, and the enduring spirit of an underdog defying the odds.


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