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MOC announces The Gambia as host of 3rd West Africa Scrabble Championship, WASC edition

Posted : 24 November 2023

The head of the Main Organizing Committee (MOC) of the second edition Championship (WASC), Engineer Toke Aka, announced on Friday that The Gambia will host the third edition of the West Africa Scrabble Championship, WASC, scheduled to take place in 2024.

Engr. Aka, who also serves as the President of the Nigeria Scrabble Federation (NSF), made this announcement during the opening ceremony of the second edition Championship (WASC) held at Novotel Hotel in Lagos.

He expressed appreciation to contingents from English-speaking countries in the West Africa sub-region participating in the championship, emphasizing that the existence of the championship is a testament to the common goals shared by each country.

"This is something we would all like to see continue as it started in Ghana last year. Now it's the turn of Nigeria. We all agreed it will be rotating among the five recognized counties that play English Scrabble in the West Africa sub-region, which means the next host will be The Gambia.

"And for The Gambia, we will go straight to Sierra Leone, Liberia, back to Ghana. We would like to see this continue because it has been happening in East and Central for over 10 years now, and they have not seen any reasons not to host the event. I don't see why we, who are even more like each other, even though we don't have a common language but have an open border, would find it difficult," the president said.

The NSF President advised the players to exude friendliness, emphasizing that the championship serves as a springboard to create quality relationships among the countries.

"When you win, be happy; when you lose, look inward to find out what really happened for you to have lost. Please, let's play in a friendly atmosphere, remembering that we are brothers. That is the reason why we have ECOWAS.

"So what we are doing right now is building friendship in the sub-region. Let's see this game as a friendly one, knowing that it is good we win," he added.



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