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Jenson Button believes Lewis Hamilton needs the right car to compete in 2024 F1 Season

Posted : 22 December 2023

Former Formula One champion Jenson Button believes Lewis Hamilton's return to the front of the grid depends on having "the right car" in the upcoming season, with Red Bull expected to dominate again in 2024.


Button highlights Red Bull's strong performance this year and anticipates their continued success. Despite Max Verstappen's overall victory, Button acknowledges the thrilling races and Verstappen's exceptional driving.


Looking ahead to 2024, Red Bull remains the favorite, but Button expects other teams to close the gap. He emphasizes the challenge of beating Verstappen in a Red Bull but expresses confidence in Hamilton's ability with the right car.


Button, known for his dominant start in 2009, commends Verstappen's performance and notes the significant difference from his teammate in most races. While Red Bull remains the favorite for 2024, Button predicts a closer competition among teams.


As Hamilton approaches 39, Button believes he can still compete at a high level, emphasizing Hamilton's determination and ability to win races and championships with the right car. Button expresses excitement for a potential showdown between Hamilton and Verstappen if both are in cars that suit them.


Meanwhile, Button announces his return to full-time racing in 2024, participating in the World Endurance Championship with Hertz Team JOTA driving a Porsche 963.


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