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Formula 1 faces governance concerns as FIA probes track certification and off-track controversies

Posted : 07 March 2024

The lead-up to the Bahrain Grand Prix was marred by the aftermath of Red Bull's investigation into alleged misconduct by team boss Christian Horner, casting a shadow over the Formula 1 community.


The FIA, motorsport's governing body, has now confirmed that its compliance department is evaluating reports indicating its president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, may have instructed officials not to certify the track used in the Las Vegas Grand Prix last year.


Responding to the developments, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton expressed concern, emphasizing the need for the sport to uphold its values, accountability, and transparency during this critical period.


Hamilton addressed reporters ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, highlighting the significance of the current situation for Formula 1. He called for transparency and progress, expressing hope that the sport can navigate through the challenges and avoid a prolonged period of turmoil.


The FIA's ongoing assessment and recent controversies, including a whistleblower's claim related to last year's Saudi race, have intensified scrutiny on the governance of Formula 1, prompting drivers like George Russell to seek clarity and ensure a fair and level playing field.


Russell emphasized the collective desire among drivers for a transparent environment, where all facts are revealed. Alonso, reacting to the off-track controversies, suggested that the renewed focus on such matters could be a consequence of Red Bull's on-track dominance becoming less captivating.


The narrative has extended beyond racing dynamics, with concerns raised about potential internal issues at Red Bull, including comments from Max Verstappen's father, Jos Verstappen, indicating that the team might face internal unrest if Horner remains in charge.


Alonso noted the contrast between the lack of excitement on the track, dominated by a single team, and the increasing off-track drama that has captured attention in the Formula 1 community.


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