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Ronaldo faces suspension and fine for obscene gesture amid Messi chants

Posted : 01 March 2024

The Athletic's analysis of Lionel Messi reveals extreme reactions associated with the mention of his name, indicating a perpetual dissatisfaction that evokes sadness. This observation comes amid a contrasting incident involving Cristiano Ronaldo, who faced suspension and a $5,300 fine from the Saudi Football Association's ethics committee for responding with an obscene gesture to chants of "Messi, Messi" during a match against Shabab Al Ahly. The incident highlights Ronaldo's enduring sensitivity to his longtime rival, despite the diminished competitive aspect of their relationship since 2020.


Despite not sharing a league with Messi since 2018 and not engaging in a competitive match with him since 2020, Ronaldo's reaction underscores the ongoing impact of their historic rivalry. The commentary column questions Ronaldo's seemingly fragile ego, pointing out that the mere mention of Messi's name triggers a response leading to suspension, raising concerns about the veteran star's mindset and satisfaction in his current career phase.


The Athletic delves into Ronaldo's situation, emphasizing that playing in a comparatively weaker league was not part of his original plan. The analysis suggests that despite his status as a top and accomplished athlete, Ronaldo's career trajectory has deviated from his expectations, potentially contributing to his discontent. The commentary reflects on the sadness of witnessing a player of Ronaldo's stature spending his final career days in such a manner, haunted by comparisons and seemingly unable to find fulfillment.


Ronaldo defended his actions before the ethics committee, asserting that his movement expressed strength and victory rather than immorality. The player, who included videos from similar incidents in European leagues in his defense, maintains that such reactions are commonplace in European football. This incident marks the second instance of Ronaldo facing scrutiny for "immoral" gestures since joining Al Nassr, with parallels drawn to earlier episodes in his career when fans taunted him with Messi's name.


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