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Repeated setbacks persist in Rashford's precarious career trajectory

Posted : 01 February 2024

Marcus Rashford's recent absence from training due to 'illness' might have gone unnoticed, but his failure to show up after attending a party in Belfast has added to the challenges in his season at Manchester United. 

Off-field incidents, including a prior party following a derby defeat, have raised concerns, impacting Rashford's professional contributions. 

Despite a recent positive game with goals and assists, Rashford's overall goal tally this season is significantly lower than the previous year. His recent Champions League suspension marks a symbolic downturn from his memorable debut against a Danish opponent. 

Despite his lucrative contract, Rashford's commitment to professional success and winning trophies at Manchester United is now questionable, raising uncertainties about his future, particularly with recent ownership changes. 

His once-positive public image has been tarnished by recent controversies, and Rashford must promptly address these issues to prevent further damage to his career and reputation.


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