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Premier League giants under scrutiny: Everton hit with 10-point deduction, raising concerns for Chelsea, Manchester City

Posted : 19 November 2023
In a shocking turn of events, England is in disarray as Everton faces an unprecedented 10-point deduction, marking the harshest punishment ever imposed in the Premier League for breaches of league rules and financial offenses.
The Toffees, who express their intention to appeal, now raise concerns about potential repercussions for Manchester City and Chelsea, both currently under investigation. This comes amidst leaked documents suggesting a history of financial misconduct by Chelsea over the past decade under owner Roman Abramovich, prompting speculation about the possible actions the league might take against them.
The severity of Everton's penalty, aimed at setting an example and discouraging similar violations, intensifies speculation about the potential fates of Manchester City and Chelsea. If Chelsea is found guilty, there are growing concerns about how the league will respond, especially considering the possibility of an even harsher punishment than Everton's.
Additionally, Manchester City, facing suspicion of over 100 offenses, could face a decision that might lead to the demotion of a team that has dominated the Premier League with five titles in the last six seasons.
Reports suggest that Manchester City and Chelsea could potentially face a 30-point deduction or even direct relegation if found guilty of the alleged financial misconduct. While a 30-point deduction may not result in Manchester City's relegation to the Championship, it could significantly impact their standing in the league. For Chelsea, such a deduction could have been relegation-worthy in the previous season, highlighting the potential gravity of the situation and the pivotal decisions that lie ahead for English football authorities.


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