Nigeria's NNL side 1472 FC lands in trouble over indebtedness

Posted : 06 February 2024

The Nigeria National League (NNL) side 1472 FC of Lagos is facing fresh scandals as club CEO Dozy Mmobuosi has been alleged to be in debt and unable to pay players, coaches, and staff for 4 months.


The club management was alledged to have sent away six players to whom they owed a series of match bonuses and salaries despite having a standing contract with the players. They also sent off four coaches from the team whom the club is still owing. With these negative actions against coaches and players, it shows the club is not ready for football business and the financial conditions of Dozy Mmobuosi are not palatable.


According to a reliable source, it's high time the NNL/NFF looked into the condition of players, coaches, and staff who are facing difficult times now. While responding, one of the management staff, who preferred to speak anonymously, described the issue as too bad.


"The situation is not funny here at 1472 FC, and we have been showing understanding with the management for the past months, but sending away coaches and players who have been owed for four months by the club management is not the right decision. Even last time we were locked out of the hotel by the hotel management due to the inability of the club management to settle bills owed.


"So, this situation is not right within the club. People are tired of keeping so many unfulfilled promises by the club management, and it's glaring that we will seek justice against the club if they decide to play smart because it will expose the real situation around the owner of the club."




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