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Brazilian court to decide on extradition of former football star Robinho

Posted : 13 March 2024

The Brazilian court is poised to make a pivotal decision regarding the potential imprisonment of a former football star, Robinho, following a request from Italian authorities, more than a decade after his conviction in Milan. Lula da Silva, the former Brazilian president, has voiced support for Robinho's prosecution, deeming his actions "unforgivable."


Robinho's legal ordeal stems from a 2017 conviction in an Italian court for his involvement in the gang rape of a young Albanian woman at a nightclub in 2013, resulting in a nine-year prison sentence. Despite his unsuccessful appeal and the upheld verdict over two years ago, the 40-year-old Brazilian fled to his homeland, evading extradition due to the absence of a formal agreement between Brazil and Italy.


Italian authorities have persistently urged Brazil to extradite Robinho to serve his sentence, highlighting his stature as a former football star who represented clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Milan, as well as the Brazilian national team. However, Brazil has rebuffed extradition requests thus far, prompting heightened attention as the Brazilian court nears a final decision.


In a notable development, Brazilian President Lula da Silva weighed in on the matter, asserting his stance in favour of Robinho facing justice for his actions. Lula condemned Robinho's participation in the gang rape, emphasizing the need for accountability and expressing hope that Robinho would be held accountable for his actions through imprisonment. With the court's decision on Robinho's fate looming by March 20, the case underscores the intersection of sports, justice, and international legal cooperation.


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