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Rangers International FC match against Enyimba International FC ends in chaos

Posted : 09 June 2024

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The highly anticipated Nigeria Professional Football League Oriental derby between Enugu Rangers International and Enyimba Football Club of Aba ended abruptly as fans disrupted the match, shattering the excitement and tension that had built up throughout the game. 

The trouble began in the final moments of the match when a player from Enyimba was deemed to have brought down a player from Rangers FC, resulting in the referee awarding a penalty kick to the home team. This decision sparked outrage among the Enyimba supporters, who believed there was no foul and vehemently protested against the penalty.

Despite efforts to restore order and continue the game, the situation escalated when the referee insisted on the penalty kick being taken. This only served to further infuriate the Enyimba fans, many of whom had traveled from Aba to support their team. Their frustration boiled over, leading to a mass invasion of the pitch by disgruntled supporters.

In response to the chaos, Rangers fans also flooded onto the field, prompting a chaotic confrontation between rival supporters. The Enyimba players, caught in the middle of the escalating tension, opted to leave the field in protest, refusing to continue the game under such volatile circumstances.

With both sets of fans refusing to back down and tensions running high, the match ultimately concluded without a clear result. This unexpected turn of events left both teams and their supporters deeply disappointed, as the highly anticipated encounter had descended into chaos instead of reaching a thrilling conclusion on the pitch.

The outcome of this disrupted match has significant implications for the league standings, particularly as Rangers currently top the table with 62 points, closely followed by Enyimba with 60 points. The outcome of this match could have potentially determined the league title, making the disruption all the more frustrating for both teams and their fans.


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