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Mbappe's goal-scoring streak raises concerns about PSG's striking depth, says manager Luis Enrique

Posted : 03 December 2023

In the current Ligue 1 season, Kylian Mbappe has emerged as a goal-scoring phenomenon, notching an impressive 14 goals in just 12 games for Paris Saint-Germain. Manager Luis Enrique expressed his admiration for Mbappe's prowess, stating a desire for three strikers of similar caliber.


A notable shift from the previous season, where Lionel Messi and Neymar shared the goal-scoring duties with 21 and 18 goals, respectively, PSG now faces a scenario where Mbappe stands as the primary goal-getter, leaving a significant gap in contributions from other players.


Addressing concerns about PSG's finishing, particularly in the recent 1-1 draw against Newcastle United, Enrique emphasized the team's ability to create scoring chances. Dismissing the notion of a finishing problem, he highlighted the team's offensive prowess, evident in their ability to score eight goals in their last two league matches.


While acknowledging the challenges in the Champions League, with only two goals in the last two games, Enrique remained confident in the team's ability to create opportunities and dominate matches.


When questioned about a potential mentality issue with his strikers, Enrique offered a succinct response, leaving room for interpretation. As PSG prepares to face Le Havre, Enrique rejected the idea of sacrificing dominance for efficiency, expressing a coaching philosophy centered on controlling the game in the opponent's half.


With PSG leading Ligue 1, Nice trailing by just one point, and a match against Nantes on the horizon, Enrique remains steadfast in his pursuit of dominance and a style of play that limits the opposition's chances.


As the top contenders in Ligue 1, PSG's upcoming clash against Le Havre holds significance in maintaining their lead. Le Havre, positioned in eighth place and trailing by 14 points, faces a formidable challenge against the league leaders in a showdown that could further solidify PSG's dominance.


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