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Jose Mourinho criticizes Maurizio Sarri's mindset following a comment about their "friendly" relationship before the Rome Derby

Posted : 09 November 2023
Jose Mourinho and Maurizio Sarri find themselves at odds over the characterization of Roma's Europa League clash against Slavia Prague. The disagreement centers around Sarri's description of the match as a "friendly," particularly in contrast to Lazio's approach to their Champions League encounter with Feyenoord, which Sarri dubbed a "war."

Mourinho, drawing on his extensive history of winning titles, takes issue with Sarri's comments and raises questions about the latter's managerial mindset. The Roma manager emphasizes the importance of every match, dismissing the notion of friendlies and underscoring the need to approach each game seriously.

In response to Sarri's comments, Mourinho expresses concerns about potential disrespect towards Slavia Prague. He asserts that if anyone should feel offended, it's Slavia Prague, suggesting that Sarri's words may imply a lack of quality on the part of the Czech team. Mourinho, known for his respect for opponents, disapproves of any comments that could undermine the credibility of their competitors.

As Roma prepares to face Slavia Prague, Mourinho eagerly anticipates the reaction from Lega Serie A regarding what he perceives as a direct criticism. The Roma team's performance in the previous Europa League match against Slavia Prague marked a departure from their typical late-game victories, securing an early 2-0 lead.

With Roma comfortably positioned atop their group, Mourinho acknowledges the team's strong standing but anticipates a challenging yet competitive game against Slavia Prague. He emphasizes the significance of every match, emphasizing the need to maintain a high level of performance.


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