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How NPFL management is hurting the league with mid-week fixtures

Posted : 16 April 2024

While it is acknowledged that the arbitrary postponement of league matches is affecting viewership, more concerning is how the postponement might be deterring potential investors who see the NPFL as an unprofitable venture due to its instability.


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The Nigerian League has faced numerous problems since its inception, from instability in the calendar to poor administration, player racketeering, poor organization, inadequate infrastructure, among others.

In comparative analysis with other leagues around the world, especially in Africa, the NPFL is far below par in many aspects.

While clubs still battle indebtedness to staff, players, and other logistical responsibilities, administrators and managers are not transparent enough in their financial dealings, such as player transfers and gate revenue during live matches.

The NPFL is also believed to be bedeviled with challenges like improper remuneration, crowd management, poor coaching, and alleged bribery among referees, contributing to the league's failure to reach its potential.

Players often complain of poor remuneration and indebtedness by their respective clubs, with some clubs owing sign-on and transfer fees for long periods of time.

Several stadiums across the country are in terrible condition, scaring fans away and making live matches unattractive.

The administration of football clubs in Nigeria is expensive and unprofitable, discouraging private individuals from investing in them. Government interference in club ownership further complicates matters.

The NPFL management should be more conscious of the timing of matches, as scheduling important games during weekdays affects viewership. In advanced countries, families attend matches together for recreation, but this is challenging in Nigeria due to crowd trouble and frequent rescheduling of matches to weekdays.

In conclusion, the NPFL needs to address these issues to improve the league's viability and attract more fans and investors.


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