Gov. Inuwa tasks Gombe United Management on accountability of the club

Posted : 31 January 2024

Gombe State Governor, Inuwa Yahaya, has demanded accountability in the way the state-owned club, Gombe United Football Club, is being managed.

The governor expressed disappointment that his good gesture to the club has yet to be replicated, adding that he had carried Gombe United along during his first tenure and has continued to do so.

``All I could get from people was that I want Gombe United Football Club dead."

The governor is not usually among those who seek media attention for publicity on issues concerning good governance. However, he hinted that his accountability records gave him victory recently at the Supreme Court for a second term as Gombe State helmsman.

Gov. Inuwa also recounted the amount of money his government has doled out to Gombe United monthly and queried, "What have they done with the money?

"I have been releasing 12 million (Twelve million Naira) every month to the Club management for more than a year and never stopped. What have they been doing with it?

He continued, "I am aware they have been selling players to other clubs and also transferring players abroad. They only tell him they sold players, but how much, where the money is, and how many players he doesn't know or they don't tell him."

A seemingly embarrassed Governor Inuwa could not understand why a privately owned club in the state, DOMA United, could be doing well, and Gombe United, owned by the government, is complaining.

Gov. Inuwa noted that "DOMA UNITED, as a private club owned by an individual and not the government, is doing well and queried if the Chairman of Doma United is spending 12m every month on the club.

"Doma United is from Gombe too; they are not from any other state. I can decide to help them and support them too.

``For an individual to show the kind of management acumen, accountability, and performance of Doma United, they deserve our praise and support."

The governor revealed how he was being scandalized on social media, alleging that people of Gombe State and sports lovers were saying he wants to destroy Gombe United, that he was not interested in helping the team.


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