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Controversies in Lobi Stars FC's camp over players' salaries, allowances

Posted : 07 May 2024

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According to a report allegedly coming out of a meeting at the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) challenger, Lobi Stars FC of Makurdi at the McCarthy Stadium players' Camp facility, some dejected players of Lobi Stars Football Club broke their silence for the first time as they resolved not to train or participate in any club activity until their two months' outstanding salaries were paid.

One of the striking players spoke on grounds of anonymity and was quoted as saying: "We have endured this ill treatment by the management of the club for too long. We live from hand to mouth, and we receive inadequate feeding allowances for our games.

"We are owed cumulative match bonuses, and our salaries are irregular.

"We had resolved earlier not to allow our condition to ruin our title chase, but this has become unbearable, and we have to act so that the Governor can come to our aid."

From impeccable sources, the government has released the allocations of March and April 2024, but the money has been depleted by the Deputy Governor, who is the chairman overseeing the club, and the Vice Chairman buries the balance.

From available information from the players' camp, the Vice Chairman of the club, Dominic Iorfa, was expected to be in attendance to give an explanation for the delay and assure them of immediate payment, but he failed to come for the meeting, leaving the players with no option but to take the decision of going on strike.

It's quite unfortunate that the government of Fr. Hyacinth Alia, which is intolerant to non-payment of salaries, is allowing things to go bad and putting the club in the news for negative reasons.

"I, therefore, call on Governor Hyacinth Alia to call his deputy Sam Ode to explain the circumstances behind the non-payment of salaries for two months and counting and also to relocate the club from the Deputy Governor's office to the Governor's office as the Deputy Governor's involvement is too expensive for the club.

However, another report from the camp of Lobi Stars FC said contrary to the reports in sections of the media, the players of Lobi Stars have come out in strong terms to deny the strike.

The counter report said that the news that emanated on Monday evening that the players have embarked on a strike action due to non-payment of salaries and bonuses was false.

It was established that the players are owed a backlog of cash, and the team Manager Dominic Iorfa was expected to address the players on Monday, but he failed to show up.

The reports said the players were on strike, but a player who declared anonymity, through a private chat, confirmed that there was nothing like a strike.

Despite recently recording a performance in the league, the Pride of Benue is still in contention for a place on the continent next season.


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