Bayelsa Utd goal poacher bids farewell to club, fans

Posted : 13 January 2024

The provided text appears to be well-written and free of grammatical errors. However, I have made some minor adjustments for clarity and fluency:

Former Bayelsa United striker, Robert Mizo, has penned an emotional message to his former team and fans of the Nigeria Professional Football League.

Recall that Mizo joined the Libyan side Al Hilal SC Benghazi until 2027 on a three-and-a-half-year contract from Bayelsa United.

The goal poacher, who scored 19 goals in the 2023 NPFL calendar year, expressed his gratitude to his former team for being the cornerstone of his football career and development.

He praised NPFL fans for rallying behind him with tremendous support and the media for amplifying his name during his stint in the league.

"I sincerely appreciate Bayelsa United for providing me the platform to be part of the club, which is the cornerstone of my football career and development.

"I thank everyone who has contributed to my career from the beginning until this moment.

"To my former teammates and coaching staff of Bayelsa United FC, I will forever remain grateful for your support, advice, and guidance.

"And to all my fans, both at home and abroad, I thank you for your support and for being part of my story.

"Special appreciation to all the media houses, blogs, social media influencers, sports analysts, as well as the Bayelsa Twitter Community for all the support.

"I am also grateful for the Nigeria Professional Football League Award hosts and organizers (NPFL Undiluted Awards, League Bloggers Awards, Sports Light Hub, Nigeria Report Football, etc.) for finding me worthy of the various awards and nominations."



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