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Bako calls for more attention to Kogi Ladies from Govt.

Posted : 14 May 2024

Moses Bako, a prominent advocate for women’s football, has issued a heartfelt appeal to the Kogi State government, urging them to extend financial support to Confluence Queens ahead of the Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) Premiership Super Six playoffs.


Recall that the NWFL is set to take place in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state from May 16 to May 26, 2024. The playoffs represent a significant opportunity for Confluence Queens to showcase their talent on a national stage.


Making history by securing a spot in the playoffs as one of the top three teams in the NWFL Premiership Group A table, Confluence Queens’ achievement deserves recognition and support from their home state.


Bako emphasized the importance of rallying behind the team, urging both the people of Kogi State and the government to provide the necessary financial backing.


He highlighted Confluence Queens’ consistent performance and their role in maintaining the state’s prestige as a premiership team over the years.


“As the chairman of Confluence Queens supporters club, I implore the good people of Kogi State and the government to throw their weight behind the Confluence Queens team as they prepare for the NWFL Premiership Super Six in Bayelsa state,” Bako stated.


He emphasized the resilience of the team in overcoming various challenges to qualify for the Super Six playoffs for the second consecutive time, underscoring their remarkable achievement compared to other clubs. Bako believes that by providing financial support, the state can empower the team to excel and bring glory back home.


“With the talented players they have, it’s imperative that we support them financially to ensure they can represent Kogi State with pride and distinction in Bayelsa,” Bako concluded.


Indeed, the success of Confluence Queens in the NWFL Premiership Super Six playoffs holds the potential to not only elevate the team but also to bring honor and recognition to Kogi State.


The winner of the NWFL Premiership Super Six will secure a coveted spot in the prestigious CAF Champions League, further highlighting the significance of supporting Confluence Queens on their journey to success.


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